Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines use large blade like propellers to catch the wind, the blades turn with the force of the wind and this turns a turbine which then produces Electricity, domestic systems are called “microwind” or “small wind” turbine systems and will produce enough electricity to
help power the lights and appliances in the average home. It is estimated that around 40% of Europe’s wind energy blows across the UK making small wind turbines an excellent choice for the production of electricity.

Windmills have been used for hundreds of years to grind materials and turn machinery the concept is not new, even domestic electric producing wind turbines have been with us in access of 30 years, again lately there has been great investment in the design and manufacture resulting in lighter turbines with lower torque resistance.

Turbines come in two types’ horizontal axis and vertical axis, horizontal axis windmill types are the most popular, and these turbines can be:

Installing a small scale wind turbine and PV combination (approximately 2 to 2.5 KW per system) would be very effective as they would both perform  at their best during different times of the year.

Planning permission is sometimes required.

Requirements ideally located on the top of a hill with a gentle South Westerly slope (the direction of the UKs prevailing wind), and free of any obstacles such as trees or buildings to avoid turbulence. Turbulence effects efficiency and can result in greater wear and tear, it is always therefore best to locate the turbine as high as possible, a wind speed in excess of 5m/s is also required.

Benefits & Savings the system will work all year round, you will save money or eliminate your electricity bills and protect yourself from future energy supplier increases, and the system does not release any CO2 or other pollutants, (normally 1 to 3 Tonnes of CO2 on average per year). If you do not use all the electric produced you can sell it back to your supplier.

You would also receive generation and export payments through the FITs of 28.0p per KW hour of production.                                                                         

Maintenance checks are necessary as instructed by the manufacturers.

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