Why Renewable/Sustainable Energy?

Earth Wind Fire Water

These are the four main elements known to mankind we have needed and relied on these elements from the dawn of time, all renewable and sustainable energy technologies uses one or more of the above.

Renewable and Sustainable energy is not a new idea, some of the concepts you are starting to hear of today where in fact developed 30 to 50 years ago, however because of the increasing knowledge and understanding of our environment they have been substantially improved and developed for the domestic market over the last number of years.

CO2 Emissions in the UK, almost 50% are a direct result of heating our Buildings and Hot Water. Over 90% of fuel currently used is from depleting fossil fuels (Oil, Gas, Coal etc), and under 1% of this by Renewable or Sustainable energy.

Renewable Energy is not a new concept; the natural energy of the sun, running Water and Wind has been harnessed for centuries, this energy cannot be depleted, and without any input is produced freely, and only requires the installation of suitable collectors/convertors to harness and use this energy.  SEE MORE 

The Great British Weather and all its diversity (always a talking point) can assist in providing Heat & Electrical Energy, FACT NOT FICTION.

There are many Renewable Energy Solutions in the marketplace, however as a company we have limited ourselves to the following:

Electrical Energy Production                                  

Heat Energy Production

Carbon/Energy Reducing Solutions


A combination of the above can result in substantial fuel savings, non reliance on depleting fossil fuels, and protection from ever increasing fuel costs, reduced/neutral carbon footprint, and personal satisfaction.

Our product choice is based on our many years installation experience, some of these leading and recognised brand names have been in this marketplace for many years with many of them developers of the technologies and not followers, our choice is based on:

Product history & development, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, manufacturers support and their after sales service.

Renewable Energy is not a fad or a passing phase it is here to stay, with the changes in Building Regulations expected in 2013 and again in 2016 in compliance with the Code For Sustainable Homes and its target of zero Carbon it is anticipated that  these energy producing technologies will not be optional on New Buildings after this date.



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