Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems use free heat from the sun to generate Hot Water this water is stored in a cylinder and when there is not enough sunshine to provide all your Hot water requirements it is supplemented by an immersion heater or other traditional means such as Oil. Gas, Coal or Wood Burning appliances.

Solar panels were developed over 30 years ago; they are not a new technology however thanks to recent advancements with the panels it is now an economical and environmentally
friendly solution in providing hot water.

Collectors are fitted to your roof, there are two types, Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tubes, flat plate collectors can be integrated into the roof, the panels are filled with a glycol water mix, and beside Hot Water both of these collectors can also be used to heat swimming pools, you do not need glorious sunshine to feel the benefit. Evacuated tubes because of their design are the most efficient.

Solar Panels are now increasingly being used to assist in space heating of our homes, when intergrated with a low temperature under floor heating system they can greatly assist in reducing fuel costs. Germany`s share of the solar thermal market is in exess of 30% the average system size is in the region of 15m2 this additional surface area helps with thier space Heating.

Planning is not normally required (see our planning guidelines).

Requirements approximately 5m2 of unshaded roof space which faces east to west through south, (south facing for best results) a cylinder with a solar coil, or the existing cylinder can be replaced with a multi coil cylinder, controls and wiring modifications.

Benefits & Savings the system will work all year round, although assisted through some of the winter months, saving approximately 50 to70% of your Hot Water production costs, and in exess of 450Kg of CO2 emissions depending on the fuel being replaced. You will save money on your energy bills and protect yourself from future energy supplier increases, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

RHI scheme Grants now available  SEE MORE

Maintenance very little, occasional visual checks of the panels and have the system checked thoroughly by an accredited installer every 2 – 3 years or as specified by the manufacturer.

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