Welcome to Renewable Energy Wales.co.uk this is the dedicated web address and fully opperational showroom of Pursey and Ball LTD. www.purseyandball.co.uk

      Why choose Pursey and Ball Ltd:

Renewable, Sustainable and Energy Saving Technology has been the obvious choice within commercial type buildings for many years due to the high running costs of such a building; however these technologies are now rapidly emerging into the residential marketplace due to:

We are very excited with the continued and rapid growth of these technologies into the residential housing market, and believe that due to our many years experience installing these technologies within a demanding commercial as well as the residential marketplace we are able to provide a full service from initial advice, to design and installation including CAD drawings and planning applications where required.

Renewable Energy Wales .co.uk and its working showroom in Swansea are dedicated to commercially viable Renewable & Sustainable Energy Products & Solutions. 

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