Controls for Heating & Hot Water    
Under Floor Heating
Energy saving Lighting & Controls
Rainwater & Grey Water Harvesting
Solar powered Fans
Light tubes (for internal rooms)

Controls for Heating & Hot Water

The need for well controlled heating and hot water systems is not new, and with the right controls fitted to new or existing systems will result in lower running costs and a more comfortable climate. 

Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating (UFH) can be installed within most flooring materials and in all building types, the system is quieter than a traditional radiator system, and because there are no radiators you have more useable wall space, the system is easily fitted to new buildings or refurbishment work if you are renewing floor structures. 

UFH is the most efficient form of heating system as it heats from the ground up, the heat in the room is more evenly spread giving you more comfortable living areas,

UFH requires much lower input water temperatures in the region of 32 to 38 degrees compared with 70 to 80 degrees for radiators, the system offers zoning of areas or individual rooms and full temperature control, both these factors result in substantially reduced running costs.

UFH is ideal for newbuilds and because of its lower running temperatures is a perfect   choice for installing with Heat Pumps. 

Lighting & Controls

The traditional incandescent light bulb we were all used to that are now being phased out, was only 10% efficient, the introduction of Compact Fluorescent Lamps CFL saw savings of 50 to 60% on previous running costs.

LED lamps are now being introduced with some of these lamps consuming 3 watts of purchased electricity and giving approximately 20 to 35 watts of lighting they are quickly becoming very popular.

A modern house can now be lit up for the same running costs that would have been incured in two rooms previously.  


There are many different types of ventilation fans from stand alone extract units, through to whole house heat recovery ventilation systems, these units can provide fresh air from outside which would be pre-heated before distribution, these models can also provide basic cooling functions.

Heat recovery units also transfers heat from one area to another within the property, therefore maximizing heat already produced wether by another source, or natural heat gain. 

Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be very simple such as a water butt located under a down pipe from your guttering that you use to fill a watering can.

At the other end of the scale these systems have large above or underground tanks, filters and pumps which will not only feed your garden irrigation and car wash but also into all the non-potable uses inside your home such as toilets, washing machines and even showers and baths if filtration is used.

There are two types Storage Tank or Direct Pump System.

Greywater Harvesting is water that we normally discard. Waste water from baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers and sinks is often referred to as Greywater, this can be recycled. Waste from toilets is known as Black Water.

Typically, about a third of household water is used for flushing the WC. Greywater from baths, showers and hand basins is usually clean enough for flushing the toilet with only basic disinfectant or microbiological treatment. Problems can arise,however, when the warm, nutrient-rich greywater is stored, since it quickly deteriorates as bacteria multiply.

Systems address this problem by filtration and treatment of the stored greywater. Other components of a system include a pump to get the greywater to the WC (usually via a header tank) and a method of providing mains-water backup for when supply does not meet demand. There must also be a means of protecting the mains water against contamination by backflow (in order to comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.  

Solar Powered Fans

These fans run off electricity stored in a battery which is regenerated from daylight, they can provide fresh air to internal areas and have many different types of controllers. 

Light Tubes

Light Tubes (Sun tube, Sun pipe, or tubular skylight) is a tube or pipe used to transport daylight from the exterior of a building to a room with no windows. This passive lighting device uses zero electricity and therefore is not responsible for any carbon emissions in use.

Natural daylight is much easier on the eye than artificial lighting, and it can help reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder. 

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