Wood Fueled Boilers

Wood Fueled Appliances can provide single room heating or whole house heating, both types can also provide hot water, some appliances burn Logs (hardwood for best results) others use pellet type fuel, log burners are normally fed by hand whilst pellet burners can be fed automatically. whole house type boilers can normally be installed in an outhouse, utility room, garage, or plant room.

Using wood as a fuel is ancient, however with the advancements in technology a wood burning appliance is now a serious alternative to Solid Fuel, Electric, Oil or LPG condensing boilers, with the modern controls it is now possible to automatically control the level of heat being produced.

Rural settings tend to use wood fuel, whereas in urban areas pellet burners are more suitable, due to storage and delivery requirements.

Wood fuel is a renewable resource offering a sustainable supply as long as the re-planting is syncronised with use. There are CO2 emissions assosiated with cultivation, processing and transportation, however if the supplier is local they should still be much lower than fossil fuels, when wood fuel is burned the CO2 emissions are the same as the tree absorbed during its growth, this is known as Carbon Neutral.

Planning may be required for the flue (see our planning guidelines), you would also have to check that you are not living in a smoke free zone.

Requirements a suitable flue and  room to store the fuel (dry area).

Benifits & Savings renewable source of fuel, offering savings on your fuel bills, reduced  emissions when compared to solid fuel approximatly 7 to 9 Tonnes of CO2, because trees absorb the same amount of carbon from the air as the burning process emits this is a Carbon Neutral process, some of the fuel you burn might otherwise have been sent to a land fill site.

Maintenance would require maintenance as set out by the manafacturer.

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